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GfD Paulmann

High quality sealing systems used as insulation gaskets for cathodic corrosion protection
unique by using specific selected material and innovative technologyies

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to GfD Paulmann ltd – company for sealing technology

GfD Paulmann ltd. stands for innovate sealing solutions for pipelines, flange fittings and sealing systems.
We manufacture and deliver seals with the standard of relevant EN-, DIN- and ANSI-norms as well as in special dimenstions according to customer request. Furthermore we stand for consulting service and provide all additional components necessary fort he insulating separation point. Our products are used in chemistry and gas systems, in power plants, in drinking water systems and generally for all plant construction amongst others by leading energy supply companies.

cathodic corrosion protection

Cathodic corrosion protection is the active intervension to reduce corrosion of metal pipelines and their connecting elements (flanges, screws, etc.) to a technical acceptable amount. So it is necessary to build up an separating area, which is electrical insulating. The ideal situation is, that the seal already meets this requirement. 

 An insulating seal muss therefore fulfil specific specifications:

  • seal with leckage as low as possible 
  • electrical insulation with high dielectric strength
  • mechanical strength in the flange bolting, to use the bolt force the most and guarantee a mechanical compound, which is extremely rigid 
  • temperature and medium stability

your advantages

  • development and manufacturing in Germany
  • delivery and support worldwide
  • short delivery times
  • 24-hour service in emergency

partner and service provider

  • individual advice and planning conerning all seal issues
  • technical assistance to insulation areas / insulating flanges (cathodic corrosion protection)
  • new development and production consindering customer request
  • advice and planning of leak-tightness test


  • drinking water
  • process / waste water
  • gas systems
  • gaseous oxygen applications 
  • hot water
  • steam/hot steam

additional components

  • insulation screws / insulation bolts up to 300°C
  • insulation washers up to 600°C
  • special seals (flat seals) for high- and low-temperature range (from -200°C up to +285°C)
  • insulation sleeves up to 120°C