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GfD Paulmann

High quality sealing systems used as insulating gaskets for cathodic corrosion protection

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our strengths

  • insulation gaskets for up to 300°C
  • nominal size up to DN1300
  • insulating bolts and complete flange insulating kits
  • custom-made gaskets
  • project planning, development and manufacturing in Germany
  • delivery and support worldwide

partner and service provider

  • individual advice and planning concearning all sealing issues
  • technical assistance to insulation areas / insulating flanges (cathodic corrosion protection)
  • new development and production considering customer request
  • advice and planning of leak-tightness test

insulating kits

  • drinking water
  • process / waste water
  • gas systems
  • gaseous oxygen applications 
  • hot water
  • steam/hot steam


  • insulation screws / insulation bolts up to 300°C
  • insulation washers up to 300°C
  • special seals (flat seals) for high- and low-temperature range (from -200°C up to +285°C)
  • insulation sleeves

flange insulating kits